The Investigation ProcessThe Investigation ProcessThe Investigation Process
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The Investigation Process: 

As a professional paranormal investigation and crisis resolution specialist, Dr. Williams and his colleagues take the investigation process very seriously and have designed a very specific process for all investigations.

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a part of the "entertainment" based paranormal community currently trending on streaming media service channels like: Tik Tok or YouTube, to name a few. These "ghost hunter" organizations are usually run by amateur paranormal enthusiasts and are not credentialed parapsychologists who are qualified to engage in true scientific anomalous research with the public. Many of these entertainment based group's "investigations" are intended to serve strictly as amusement orientated material and their function is to collect more subscribers and followers to their channels. We are a serious, scientific organization and only accept serious clients who are truly experiencing unexplained and troublesome phenomenon.

Dr. Williams and his team begin each and every investigation with a first interview during which an assessment of the situation/crisis is evaluated and a collection of paperwork from the client is completed. In cases where an on-site paranormal investigation is determined to be helpful, the client, Dr. Williams will meet with the client in a neutral setting (outside the home) to further evaluate and discuss an in home investigation. If an in home investigation agreed upon, Dr. Williams will visit the home and interview the family and make arrangements for the team to visit and conduct the investigation. Following the investigation, the team will review the evidence and a follow up in-home visit will be scheduled to review the findings and determine if a cleansing vigil or follow up paranormal counseling recommended.

This Counseling sessions, Investigation & Data Analysis is Always Free of charge:
Parapsychologists and legitimate anomalous researchers should NEVER  charge for any investigation, anomalous analysis of photos / videos / EVPs, or negative energy cleansing rituals or advice, EVER. These guidelines are strictly enforced by both the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Group and The International Metaphysical Practitioners Association.