Paranormal Crisis Counseling

Paranormal crisis is a very real thing. Often times when we are troubled by unwanted paranormal activity or negative energy invades our homes or personal space, it can be challenging not only to seek legitimate help but even to discuss these situations openly. Dr. Williams has spent many years developing effective methods of combining individualized research, analysis and counseling to help understand and cope with these activities and achieve a better quality of life while dealing with these sometimes troublesome phenomenon. These sessions are always free of charge and can also be a gateway to arranging for Dr. Williams to conduct an on-site investigation or a cleansing vigil to help remove unwanted paranormal energy from an environment. These sessions are conducted via telephone or Zoom video sessions for clients anywhere in the world and in home sessions can be arranged for those local to the Sacramento, California area. To arrange for a paranormal counseling session with Dr. Williams, please contact him via email at