Michael Williams

Michael Williams
Owner - Head Researcher

Dr. Williams holds PhDs in Parapsychology, Ufology and Transpersonal Counseling. He is a licensed Hypnotist, certified paranormal investigator and UFO Abduction Specialist. Dr. Williams is a respected member of the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Group and the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association.

Professional Member of the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA) in good standing and adheres to the high standards of the IMPA Code of Ethics for the benefit of all concerned and in the spirit of “Do no harm.” For more info, Click Here.Proud Member of ParaNexus.org -- Click Here to Join the Premiere Paranormal Research Association!

On a Personal Note: 

Dr. Williams has spent a lifetime studying and exploring the paranormal activities that share our world with us. His research into  haunting phenomenon, poltergeists, EVP, ghost photography and UFO abductions has given him a unique position to give back and help others. Dr. Williams passion for the paranormal began at a young age when he and his family experienced many ghostly encounters and lived in several haunted houses. Dr. Williams now provides anomalous research free of charge for those who seek answers to paranormal activity they are experiencing.