Meet the Investigation Team

Rev. Dr. Mike Williams

Owner & Founder of Shadow People Paranormal , Parapsychologist, Co-Lead Researcher, Intuitive, Hypnosis Practitioner & Paranormal Crisis Counselor

Rev. Dr. Williams is a Parapsychologist & Metaphysical Practitioner with over 42 years experience in researching the paranormal.

Jennifer Jones - CPI, S.I.R.C, Lead Intuitive

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Shadow People Paranormal, Co-Lead Researcher, Sensitives & Intuitive Research Consultant, Lead Intuitive & Certified Paranormal Investigator

Jennifer Jones is a Lead Intuitive, Lead Researcher and a Certified Paranormal Investigator. She has had over 34 plus years of dealing with being a sensitive/intuitive.

Carter Jones

Certified Paranormal Investigator

Carter Jones is the teams Certified Paranormal Investigator and social media/web based Technician

Mary Mandeville

Lead Investigator

Mary Mandeville is a Certified Paranormal Investigator, intuitive and the lead investigator for SSP

David Mandeville

Certified Paranormal Technician

David Mandeville is the lead paranormal tech and oversees the technical equipment operation and the initial paranormal investigation site surveying.

Lyle Williams

General Science Consultant

Lyle Williams serves as the teams scientific plausibility specialist and acts as the teams counterbalance.