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Shadow People Paranormal is a not for profit paranormal research group and online school founded by Rev. Dr. Mike Williams PhD. CTC.CPI.CH. This organization was founded on the understanding that the world in which we live in is filled with many unexplained paranormal occurrences all around us. Through solid scientific anomalous research, it is the goal of Dr. Williams to help normal, everyday people find answers to the things which may be hard to understand or believe. Dr. Williams offers 1 on 1 or family participation paranormal based counseling and consultations, 1 on 1 psychic / paranormal sensitivity ability exploration & understanding counseling, on-site paranormal investigations, negative energy readings, anomalous research of publicly submitted photos, videos, EVP recordings and cases of negative / demonic spirit infestation and classic haunting / poltergeist activity.

We strive to provide an honest, compassionate, understanding and trusting approach to helping normal, everyday people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. Through a thorough and non-biased, fact based investigation, our team can help provide the tools, the research knowledge and experience to help discover the meaning behind whatever paranormal phenomena one may be experiencing.

EDUCATION:  During the course of his education, Dr. Williams realized that something was on the horizon, an idea, a vision. This vison was that Dr. Williams wanted to bring forth was his knowledge and experience to the many people who cannot afford the time or finances to engage in a lengthy schooling process. It also is Dr. Williams goal to provide a very specialized educational experience which allows the student to choose a very specialized course which may not be widely available through most online universities. The online classes are based on distance learning and include video, audio and text based instruction, as well as access to online books and articles. This is an accelerated program and is specifically designed for person's who wish to obtain an accredited non-secular advanced degree while enjoying the benefit of maintaining a work and personal life without the risk of falling behind or becoming overwhelmed. 
Our Story Our Story

Meet the Investigation Team

Michael Williams

Owner - Head Researcher

Dr. Williams holds PhDs in Parapsychology, Ufology and Metaphysical Counseling. He is a licensed hypnosis practitioner, a certified paranormal investigator and UFO Abduction Specialist. Dr. Williams is a respected member of the ParaNexus Global Anomalous Research Group and the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association.

Jennifer Jones - CPI

Lead Researcher - Lead Intuitive - CPI

Jennifer Jones is Certified Paranormal investigator as recognized by the International University of Paranormal Sciences and has a been life long intuitive and sensitive who has had over 34 years experience with the ability to sense and interact with the psychokinetic environment

Carter Jones

Certified Paranormal Technician

Carter Jones is the team's technical guru.

The Investigation Process

The Investigation Process
Proud Member of -- Click Here to Join the Premiere Paranormal Research Association!

The Investigation Process: 

As a respected and professional parapsychologist, paranormal counselor and hypnotist, Dr. Williams takes the investigation process very seriously and has designed a process for beginning all investigations.

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a part of the "entertainment" based paranormal community currently trending on streaming media service channels like: Tik Tok or YouTube, to name a few. These "ghost hunter" organizations are usually run by amateur paranormal enthusiasts and are not credentialed parapsychologists who are qualified to engage in true scientific anomalous research with the public. Many of these entertainment based group's "investigations" are intended to serve strictly as amusement orientated material and their function is to collect more subscribers and followers to their channels. We are a serious, scientific organization and only accept serious clients who are truly experiencing unexplained and troublesome phenomenon.

Dr. Williams begins each and every investigation with a collection of paperwork from the client. In cases of on-site paranormal investigations, the client and Dr. Williams will have a meeting (via phone or Zoom), after the paperwork has been received and go over the details of the phenomenon being experienced and arrange for the team will begin the investigation.

This Investigation & Data Analysis is Always Free of charge:
Parapsychologists and legitimate anomalous researchers should NEVER  charge for any investigation, anomalous analysis of photos / videos / EVPs, or negative energy cleansing rituals or advice, EVER. These guidelines are strictly enforced by both the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Group and the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association. 

Paying for Paranormal Related Counseling / Hypnosis:
  It is ethical & normal for parapsychologists to charge a fee for scheduled counseling/hypnosis sessions. However, the law states that they must own a licensed counseling practice, UNDER A SPERATE NAME THAN THE NON-PROFIT RESEARCH GROUP,  they must also have a minimum of a PhD in Metaphysical Counseling, be a credentialed hypnosis practitioner and not require counseling or hypnosis sessions to be included with any paranormal investigations as these are conducted separately. If a parapsychologist also operates a practice offering counseling & hypnosis for a fee, the client may voluntarily request these services, however, the parapsychologist MUST NEVER solicit these services to a client they are conducting an investigation for.